Amazing Rosamund

 ð   Hier geht´s zur Deutschen Hollas Haus- Version )



And if you go to the woods today

You better not go alone!

For every tree´s an enchanted gnome

If you don´t want trouble you better go home...


The little king is indeed the proudest king of the magical woods: His wife is pregnant, and for sure will give birth to a proper, handsome and brave little prince! As the dearly expected son and heir turns out to be a girl, wild as a March hare, the king has to make up new plans. But he seems to forget that Rosamund has a will of her own...


This magical solo performance features storytelling, singing, puppetry and minimal staging in a poetical and playful way.


PUPPETS by Anna Rosenfelder / DIRECTED by Ruta Platais